Thoughts on the Jesus & Mary Magadelene Book

I heard there was a book coming out that contained the translation of an ancient manuscript that revealed that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and fathered two children before the crucifixion. “That’s fascinating,” I thought, “and also unsurprising.” The Merovingian kings of France were purportedly the descendants of Jesus, though that’s always puzzled meContinue reading “Thoughts on the Jesus & Mary Magadelene Book”

On Community Organizers, Myth, History, and Politics

Over the past month I’ve seen a meme making its way across the interwebs. Not a meme in the questions-passed-from-blog-to-blog sense that “meme” usually means online, but a meme in the more traditional sense, an idea that’s spreading and taking root. The meme? “Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.” This is,Continue reading “On Community Organizers, Myth, History, and Politics”

On an Uninformed Rant

Let’s talk The da Vinci Code for a moment. I’m really tired of hearing about it. Movie, book, what have you. No, I haven’t read the book. No, I’m not particularly interested in seeing the film. But it’s been inescapable for the past few months–television specials on the secrets the story reveals, huge freaking displaysContinue reading “On an Uninformed Rant”