The Calculus of Diplomacy

“Negotiations. How I despise them.” Arthur was nonplussed by Uther’s pronouncement. “The delegation from Thule…” “…Has nothing of worth for Camelot. Trade? They want our produce and offer mere trinkets in return. An alliance? Our kingdoms are separated by rough seas, and though we both beset by rivals we have not mutual enemies.” “What ifContinue reading “The Calculus of Diplomacy”

Crisis In Infinite Camelots

“Who are you all?” the boy with scruffy hair wanted to know. “Why, isn’t it obvious?” said the animated man with the long white beard and the pointed hat. “Not to me,” said the man with the metallic skullcap and the trim beard in his high-pitched voice. The unkempt, unwashed man dyed in woad paintContinue reading “Crisis In Infinite Camelots”