On Research Avenues

Sometimes research will lead one down strange alleys. I spent the afternoon doing some research into the Aristotlean and Ptolemaic conceptions of the geocentric universe. In so doing I discovered an unusual belief held by ancient Mesopotamian and Greek cultures (and written about by Plato in the Epinomis), that Saturn was a star like theContinue reading “On Research Avenues”

On the Ptolemaic System

I mentioned a week ago, perhaps a little more, that I an idea struck: tell a story set in a universe where the Ptolemaic system were true, where Earth was the center of the universe around which everything–moon, sun, planets, stars–revolved. A silly idea, true. I realized, though, that I really didn’t know quite howContinue reading “On the Ptolemaic System”

On a Strange Story Idea

I would like to thank everyone for their sympathies and well-wishes on yesterday’s events. Yesterday was rough, and I appreciate all your thoughts. Thank you. So, last night, a little bedtime reading. I picked up Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian, read another twenty-odd pages and put it down. Quite frankly, I’m finding myself both bored andContinue reading “On a Strange Story Idea”