Lost Scenes from a Doctor Who Story

I found something unexpected on my hard drive yesterday, working scenes from my first draft of “The Spindle of Necessity.” “Spindle,” as you may know, is a Doctor Who story I wrote for a Big Finish Short Trips anthology in the spring of 2007 in which the sixth Doctor goes on an adventure with the … Continue reading Lost Scenes from a Doctor Who Story

On the Latest Review

Brendan Moody today posted a lengthy review of Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership, the Doctor Who anthology my story, “The Spindle of Necessity,” was published in last spring. Said Brendan of the anthology: “The Quality of Leadership aptly demonstrates the many forms a leader can take, but its biggest success is in assembling a … Continue reading On the Latest Review

On “The Life Bringer”

I was flipping through the new Previews — that being the catalog of upcoming comics — and I saw that IDW Publishing is continuing with their Doctor Who Classics series. According to the solicit for Doctor Who Classics Volume 2, number 1, the classic fourth Doctor story being reprinted is “The Life Bringer.” In “The … Continue reading On “The Life Bringer”