Things I’ve Been Reading: Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron

Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron Fantagraphics Books Written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz Coinciding with the release this week of The Peanuts Movie (not seen yet, though my ruminations on the kids novelization are here), Fantagraphics Books, the publishers of the Complete Peanuts, has published a collection of all of the Snoopy as theContinue reading “Things I’ve Been Reading: Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron”

On Taking to the Skies with Snoopy

So, how long have I had an Xbox 360? Five years? How much have I played it? Umm. I think maybe three hours. Today I hooked it up, attached a network adapter, and signed up for Xbox Live. Like I said a year and a half ago, I really wanted Snoopy Flying Ace. I’d neverContinue reading “On Taking to the Skies with Snoopy”

On Getting in that Christmas Mood

I realized yesterday, with some surprise, that Christmas is merely five weeks away. I’d say it snuck up on me, but it didn’t. Not really. Four months ago I was writing about Christmas products — ornaments, nutcrackers, even calendars. Last month, I wrote about Valentine’s Day stuff. Pretty soon, I’ll be thinking about the summerContinue reading “On Getting in that Christmas Mood”