On the Sam Adams Holiday Pack

It’s a wintry time of the year, and that means the Holiday Collection from Sam Adams! I look forward to this collection of six beers every year. Wintry, festive holiday brews! Only, this year I’m unhappy. The Holiday Collection comes, as I mentioned, with six different winter beer styles. In years past, the six haveContinue reading “On the Sam Adams Holiday Pack”

On the Sam Adams Honey Porter

Saturday afternoon I had to go out to the grocery store–nothing puts a crimp in the rest of the day like a lack of breakfast cereal. (For those keeping score at home, I generally prefer Peanut Butter Cap’N Crunch or Cookie Crisp.) So, I drove to Eldersburg and went to the store. While I wasContinue reading “On the Sam Adams Honey Porter”

On Sam Adams' Brewmaster Collection

If I don’t have Guinness in the refrigerator, I probably have something by Sam Adams. Maybe the Boston Lager. Maybe the Boston Ale, which I prefer to the Lager. More often that not, it’s the Cream Stout, though I’ve been known to have one of their seasonal varieties around. The Summer Ale isn’t far aroundContinue reading “On Sam Adams' Brewmaster Collection”