On End-of-Season Baseball Musings

With the playoffs beginning today, I wanted to muse on things baseball-related. First, why does a team advance to the playoffs as a wild card when there’s a tie for division champion? I’m not trying to exclude Boston from the playoffs, but it’s a fair question. Boston didn’t win their division. The Tigers and theContinue reading “On End-of-Season Baseball Musings”

On Baseball Madness

Today could possibly be the greatest day in baseball history. It’s the last day of the season, and four National League teams are still in the hunt for three playoff spots. There’s something strange when it’s the Cubs who have their playoff spot sewn up. 😆 Here’s a run-down of the possible tie-breaker, pre-playoff scenariosContinue reading “On Baseball Madness”

On Fixing the Wild Card

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has a concern: he wants to make things more difficult for the wild card teams in baseball’s post-season. “While the first round of the playoffs is likely to stay a best-of-five series, wild-card teams might find a tougher road next season, commissioner Bud Selig said Friday.” Wild card teams have beenContinue reading “On Fixing the Wild Card”