Scenes from the Nationals World Series Parade

Washington DC shut down yesterday for the Washington Nationals’ World Series parade down Constitution Avenue. One month ago I was in the hospital, in the Intensive care ward. I thought there was a real chance I was going to be mostly blind for the rest of my life. Yesterday, I was at the a WorldContinue reading “Scenes from the Nationals World Series Parade”

Finish the Fight

The World Series begins tonight — the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. On Friday, Game 3, the World Series returns to the nation’s capital for the first time in eighty-six years. Charlie Brown and Sally know what’s up. So does my collection of plush Doctors. And, despite the presence of three Doctors, none ofContinue reading “Finish the Fight”

Joe Buck, a Jeremiad

Last night, I reached my limit with Joe Buck. I’ve never really minded Buck. As broadcasters go, he’s wallpaper to me. I think I even felt a little sympathy toward him because he so often had to share a booth with Tim McCarver and then Harold Reynolds, either of whom was prone to incoherent babble.Continue reading “Joe Buck, a Jeremiad”

On Baseball’s Postseason

This is October! There should be playoff baseball on television every day! Instead, thanks to the quick exits of teams in the first round of the playoffs, we have a four day layover until the championship series begin. And it’s been pointed out that if the two championship series go the minimum four games each,Continue reading “On Baseball’s Postseason”

On World Series Speculations

Weather in Philadelphia was miserable last night. Watching game five of the World Series, I can’t imagine why they even tried to play it. I see now that game five, which was to resume tonight, has been put off until Wednesday. As a consequence, if there is a game six, it will be played inContinue reading “On World Series Speculations”

On the 2008 World Series

The World Series begins tonight. I don’t have a horse in this race. I’m not sure who to root for. There’s the Rays, who have been perpetual cellar dwellers until this year. Then there’s the Phillies, cursed by the William Penn statue and the losingest team in baseball history. I don’t really want either teamContinue reading “On the 2008 World Series”

On Fixing the Wild Card

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has a concern: he wants to make things more difficult for the wild card teams in baseball’s post-season. “While the first round of the playoffs is likely to stay a best-of-five series, wild-card teams might find a tougher road next season, commissioner Bud Selig said Friday.” Wild card teams have beenContinue reading “On Fixing the Wild Card”

On the 2005 World Series

A caveat–I admit to ho-hum feelings about this World Series. The two teams in contention are rivals of the Cubs, so I had a choice between rooting for one enemy or the other. Those were some incredible games. Game four was edge-of-your-seat, especially when the ninth inning came down the way it did. I don’tContinue reading “On the 2005 World Series”

Random World Series Thoughts

America needs you, Al Leiter. The FOX broadcasting team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver just isn’t the same without you there. Former Cubs third basemen Mark Bellhorn and Bill Mueller are doing well for themselves. Why does FOX keep using the music from Requiem for a Dream to promote their football, NASCAR, and baseballContinue reading “Random World Series Thoughts”