Gritty Leading the People

It was a week of publishing deadlines, and thirty hours after my last files went to the printer I’m still mentally exhausted. I did go to Books a Million again today to see what other gems I could find in their CD sale. (CDs, new and used, are 90% off as they are getting out … Continue reading Gritty Leading the People

On Contemplating Philcon

Yesterday evening I received a surprising e-mail — it was a pre-invite to Philcon. Well, it was surprising to me; things like this are always surprising to me. Philcon is, obviously, a science-fiction convention held every November in Philadelphia. I knew of it it when I lived outside Philly about a decade ago, but working … Continue reading On Contemplating Philcon

On Boy Scouts and Bigotry

It’s hard to feel bad for the Boy Scouts. They’ve brought their troubles upon themselves. They discriminate against atheists — I myself would not be welcome in their company. They discriminate against homosexuals. The Supreme Court said, “Boy Scouts, you can discriminate! You’re a private organization!” a few years ago. Congress reaffirmed that with a … Continue reading On Boy Scouts and Bigotry