On Annivesaries and Convention Panel Ideas

Recently I’ve had anniversaries on the brain. It started with this blog post by Dayton Ward, where he ran through a list of film anniversaries — twentieth, twenty-fifth, right on up — that are being celebrated this year. You look at the list for 1982, the year that many critics consider to be filmed scienceContinue reading “On Annivesaries and Convention Panel Ideas”

On My Philcon Schedule

The rumors are true! I’ll be attending Philcon this weekend. Here’s where I can be found, if you should so happen to be in Cherry Hill, New Jersey… TOLKIEN’S OTHER WORKSSat 6:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Three (1 hour)Panelists: Allyn Gibson (mod), Daniel Grotta, Jay Wile, Robert Kauffmann, Mark MandelJ.R.R. Tolkien is best known todayContinue reading “On My Philcon Schedule”

On Contemplating Philcon

Yesterday evening I received a surprising e-mail — it was a pre-invite to Philcon. Well, it was surprising to me; things like this are always surprising to me. Philcon is, obviously, a science-fiction convention held every November in Philadelphia. I knew of it it when I lived outside Philly about a decade ago, but workingContinue reading “On Contemplating Philcon”

On a Raunchy Ray Bradbury Music Video

I saw this on Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish. Yes, it’s unremittingly raunchy, but it’s also stupendously hilarious in a way that only a geek could love. Rachel Bloom’s “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury.” And it’s a super-catchy song, too! I’m now wondering if the deejay at, say, Farpoint come February could be persuaded to play thisContinue reading “On a Raunchy Ray Bradbury Music Video”

On The Time Traveler’s Wife: The Television Series

Last year, some noise was made about a television series based on The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger’s novel about a couple, Henry and Claire, who live a very strange life — he travels through time at random, living his life out of sequence, while she lives on the slow path, moving into the futureContinue reading “On The Time Traveler’s Wife: The Television Series”

On A Needed Holiday

On occasion, my mind is stunned into a stupor. Sometimes it doesn’t take much. Writing about Twilight: New Moon collector dolls sufficed this morning; a thousand brain cells cried out in terror and were silenced. While in that slack-jawwed state, however, something occurred to me. There’s no Philip K. Dick Reading Day. There’s a TolkienContinue reading “On A Needed Holiday”