On Allyn’s 2012 Shore Leave Schedule

At long last, Shore Leave is at hand! Shore Leave is a convention, held outside Baltimore in Hunt Valley, that I’ve attended every year since 2001, and every year as a guest since 2006. Normally, Shore Leave is in July. This year, however, it’s in August. The big thing for me this year is the … Continue reading On Allyn’s 2012 Shore Leave Schedule

On My Philcon Schedule

The rumors are true! I’ll be attending Philcon this weekend. Here’s where I can be found, if you should so happen to be in Cherry Hill, New Jersey… TOLKIEN’S OTHER WORKSSat 6:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Three (1 hour)Panelists: Allyn Gibson (mod), Daniel Grotta, Jay Wile, Robert Kauffmann, Mark MandelJ.R.R. Tolkien is best known today … Continue reading On My Philcon Schedule

On Contemplating Philcon

Yesterday evening I received a surprising e-mail — it was a pre-invite to Philcon. Well, it was surprising to me; things like this are always surprising to me. Philcon is, obviously, a science-fiction convention held every November in Philadelphia. I knew of it it when I lived outside Philly about a decade ago, but working … Continue reading On Contemplating Philcon

On a Month Until Farpoint

I realized today that we’re a month away from Farpoint. Farpoint is a science-fiction convention held north of Baltimore every February (right next to the building where I work, actually), usually right around Valentine’s Day. This year it falls the weekend after, beginning on February the 18th. I’ve been attending Farpoint since 2006, and this … Continue reading On a Month Until Farpoint