On Lining Up Future Conventions

I’ve started the process to apply for press credentials for this October’s New York Comic Con. Yesterday morning I read an article on Comics Beat about the press application process — and it is a process — and since I have to hold down the fort at the office every July when San Diego happens,Continue reading “On Lining Up Future Conventions”

On the Fissures in the Republican Party

If you’re any sort of political junkie, today has been endlessly fascinating. In upstate New York, a bizarre 3-way special election campaign to fill a House of Representatives seat has been waged. The Democratic Party put up Bill Owens, the Republican Party put up Dede Scozzafava. One of New York’s minor parties, the Conservative Party,Continue reading “On the Fissures in the Republican Party”

On New York’s Potential Next Senator

On TrekBBS yesterday, a poster, perhaps as a joke, perhaps in all seriousness, floated the idea of novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido to fill New York’s vacant Senate seat when Senator Hillary Clinton is confirmed next month as the next Secretary of State. Keith was left speechless by this turn of events. What say you, NewContinue reading “On New York’s Potential Next Senator”