On Senator Judd Gregg’s Ahistory Lesson

Dear Senator Judd Gregg: I read with some interest your recent comments on the Founding Fathers and the need for supermajority votes in the United States Senate. I believe you said: The Founding Fathers realized when they structured this they wanted checks and balances. They didn’t want things rushed through. They saw the parliamentary system.Continue reading “On Senator Judd Gregg’s Ahistory Lesson”

On Political Surveys

I receive a lot of political mail. Oftentimes, it’s parties or candidates wanting donations. Last year, during the Presidential primaries, I must’ve received fundraising letters from every major candidate. Most were binned. The letters I enjoy the most? The ones from the Republican Party or its think tanks. Take, for instance, yesterday. I received aContinue reading “On Political Surveys”

On New York’s Potential Next Senator

On TrekBBS yesterday, a poster, perhaps as a joke, perhaps in all seriousness, floated the idea of novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido to fill New York’s vacant Senate seat when Senator Hillary Clinton is confirmed next month as the next Secretary of State. Keith was left speechless by this turn of events. What say you, NewContinue reading “On New York’s Potential Next Senator”

On the Fourth Branch

Something occurred to me recently as regards the recent subpeonas issued by the Senate Judiciary Committee to the offices of the President and Vice President for documents relating to the domestic spying program. The White House has thrown around a lot of words to explain why they won’t be complying with the subpeonas. “Separation ofContinue reading “On the Fourth Branch”

On Writing a Letter to Rick Santorum

I promised Lisa at PhilCon that I’d post about this. 🙂 In the run-up to the mid-term election Pennsylvania’s junior Senator, Rick Santorum, made a most bizarre statement: that the war in Iraq was drawing the Eye of Mordor away from the United States. No, really. He did. “As the hobbits are going up MountContinue reading “On Writing a Letter to Rick Santorum”

On Writing My Senators

Not that it would achieve anything, but I wrote two letters today, one to each of North Carolina’s Senators, asking them to vote against ending unlimited debate and filibuster on judicial nominees, something Republican Trent Lott dubbed “the nuclear option.” Liddy Dole and Richard Burr are, I know, firm votes in favor of scrapping twoContinue reading “On Writing My Senators”