On More Heritage Foundation Tomfoolery

For reasons that pass beyond my understanding, the Heritage Foundation has sent me another survey. This makes… what? The fourth in the past six months? Who do they think I am? This one is called “the official 2010 Taxpayer Ballot of Fiscal Responsibility.” Let us quote. Ms. Gibson, unchecked spending was bad enough in aContinue reading “On More Heritage Foundation Tomfoolery”

On Yet Another Heritage Foundation Survey

For reasons unknown, the Heritage Foundation has sent me yet another survey. To whit: “Taxpayer Opinion Poll On The Real Liberal Agenda.” The Heritage Foundation is conducting this Taxpayer Opinion Poll to compile evidence that will refute the claims by President Barack Obama and the liberals in Congress that the American people want bigger governmentContinue reading “On Yet Another Heritage Foundation Survey”

On Political Surveys

I receive a lot of political mail. Oftentimes, it’s parties or candidates wanting donations. Last year, during the Presidential primaries, I must’ve received fundraising letters from every major candidate. Most were binned. The letters I enjoy the most? The ones from the Republican Party or its think tanks. Take, for instance, yesterday. I received aContinue reading “On Political Surveys”

On Political Surveys

Three months ago, I received a survey from the Heritage Foundation. They wanted input on how I (or rather, “Ms. Allyn Gibson,” as that was how the survey was addressed) felt about taxes. Specifically, they wanted to know how I felt about the sunseting of the Bush tax cuts over the next two years. IContinue reading “On Political Surveys”

On a Taxation Survey

I received something absolutely fascinating in the mail today. A survey from the Heritage Foundation. The right-wing think tank. They want to know what I think about taxation. Let’s take a look. Current plans by President Barack Obama and the liberals in Congress to erase the historic tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 could forceContinue reading “On a Taxation Survey”