The Senate Intelligence Committee and Its Torture Report

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA’s torture of prisoners in the “war on terror” was released today. We’re far past the euphemisms that have been used for years — we didn’t subject people to “enhanced interrogation techniques.” No, we tortured people. Torturing people didn’t produce the results that we wanted. Torturing people didn’t produceContinue reading “The Senate Intelligence Committee and Its Torture Report”

Why I Didn’t Stand for “God Bless America”

Yesterday morning, I attended the Cubs/Nationals game at Nationals Park. It was a lovely day for baseball — not too hot, not especially humid, sunny and bright, a stiff breeze blowing in from the direction of centerfield toward the Anacostia. The Cubs won, 7-2. Being July 4th, the game had a particular patriotic flavor, withContinue reading “Why I Didn’t Stand for “God Bless America””

On Impeaching Dick Cheney

In early November the House of Representatives voted, with bipartisan support, a bill of Impeachment sponsored by Dennis Kucinich to the House Judiciary Committee. Now, we can question why the bill had bipartisan support. A cynic might say the Republicans were trying to embarrass the Democratic leadership of the House. An optimist might think thatContinue reading “On Impeaching Dick Cheney”

On the Things He Knew Then

In 1994 a former government official articulated a number of reasons why invading Iraq was a very bad idea. Can’t secure the country. Can’t hold Baghdad. Unsettle the region. It would be an occupation. It would be a mess. This former government official’s name? Dick Cheney. Currently the Vice President of the United States. AndContinue reading “On the Things He Knew Then”

On CIA Leak News

Two interesting pieces of news regarding the Valerie Plame CIA leak case–that being that case that lead to Scooter Libby’s conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice, a conviction that President Bush commuted because, frankly, he was probably concerned that Scooter would flip on Cheney or Rove–emerged yesterday. First, the civil lawsuit filed by PlameContinue reading “On CIA Leak News”

On the Fourth Branch

Something occurred to me recently as regards the recent subpeonas issued by the Senate Judiciary Committee to the offices of the President and Vice President for documents relating to the domestic spying program. The White House has thrown around a lot of words to explain why they won’t be complying with the subpeonas. “Separation ofContinue reading “On the Fourth Branch”

On a Keith Olbermann Quote

Said MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann: Vice President Dick Cheney is a rogue nation. Despite the recent capture of his top lieutenant, Mr. Cheney continues to defy the rule of law, attempting to destroy ISOO — an office of the U.S. government, after all — and barring inspections in true Saddam style. Leaving only one possible remedy:Continue reading “On a Keith Olbermann Quote”

On Some Political Speculation

There’s a rumor that Vice President Dick Cheney may be resigning in the near future. Considering that Cheney is the one person in the government with lower approval ratings than the President, unloading the albatros that is Cheney might give the administration some bouyancy. Oh, who am I kidding? President Bush is his own albatros.Continue reading “On Some Political Speculation”

On the Things We Now Know

Bernard Weiner, at the Crisis Papers, has written an essay about the “Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11.” Now that we’re five years past the events of that Tuesday morning in September, Weiner takes stock of what’s happened to the United States in that span of time. His observations? Not good. InContinue reading “On the Things We Now Know”

On the Razzies

I wonder what questions the White House press corps ask of Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, on the President’s latest honor. From today’s Raleigh newspaper: George W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger won elections. Now they’ve won Razzies. The [Razzie] awards, doled out in Hollywood on Saturday, are an Oscar spoof that trashes Hollywood’sContinue reading “On the Razzies”