On CIA Leak News

Two interesting pieces of news regarding the Valerie Plame CIA leak case–that being that case that lead to Scooter Libby’s conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice, a conviction that President Bush commuted because, frankly, he was probably concerned that Scooter would flip on Cheney or Rove–emerged yesterday. First, the civil lawsuit filed by PlameContinue reading “On CIA Leak News”

On Reactions to the Libby Commutation

John Edwards: “Only a president clinically incapable of understanding that mistakes have consequences could take the action he did today. President Bush has just sent exactly the wrong signal to the country and the world. In George Bush’s America, it is apparently okay to misuse intelligence for political gain, mislead prosecutors and lie to theContinue reading “On Reactions to the Libby Commutation”

On Scooter Libby's Sentence

Scooter Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former Chief of Staff, was convicted earlier this year of perjery and obstruction of justice in stemming from the revelation of Valeria Plame’s identity as a covert CIA agent. Today, Scooter Libby will be sentenced. Twenty months. That’s my guess. ETA: And I was wrong! It was thirty months!Continue reading “On Scooter Libby's Sentence”