On a Slashdotting

I’ve been Slashdotted!

Well, not exactly. Slashdot actually had nothing to do with the spike in website traffic I’ve seen in the past thirty-six hours. Rather, Google and other search engines are to blame.

This website gets about 125 unique visitors a day. About. Over the holiday weekend hits were in the eighty range. Middle of the week, we’ll hit 150 a day. But 125. It’s a good number. We’ll use that as our baseline.

Yesterday over 300 unique visitors. Today (and it’s not even over yet), twice that.


Search engines.

There’s a show, on FOX, that had its season finale last night. And I blogged about that yesterday. And I blogged about that two years ago when its first season finale broadcast. Because those two posts both have the title of the show–which I’m very deliberately not using–and the words “season finale” I’m getting a ton of traffic using some combination of the three words.

Just today? Over four hundred uses of some variant of that search phrase coming from Google, Yahoo!, and AOL.


I know what a lot of these people are looking for. Because they’ve appended the word “download” to their search phrase.

I really can’t help them there. You shoulda set a tape, people. 😉

For what it’s worth, I thought that show’s season finale was, in the immortal words of Eric Cartmann, “hella weak.” A weak ending to a middling season. Maybe the cast shake-up next season this episode set us up for will bring some new life to a show that’s gone from must-see television to formulaic, okay-if-I-miss-it television in the span of about a season.


I just had an evil thought!

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One thought on “On a Slashdotting

  1. I wish I trusted said show’s writers to actually shake up the cast. After the cop-out ending to a certain plotline earlier this year, I very much doubt it’ll happen.

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