On Yesterday’s Autographing

Yesterday I was in Exton, Pennsylvania autographing Grand Designs and Constellations. It was the first autographing I’d done outside of Shore Leave, so I was quite excited.

I wasn’t expecting any sort of major turnout. Yes, I’d announced it here and on message boards, but that’s not going to translate into people. At worst, I’d get out of the house for a day. At best, I’d sign a couple of books, get warmed up for Friday’s Meet-the-Pros event at Shore Leave, and get out of the house for a day. 😉

All told, I signed three copies of Grand Designs and two of Constellations, and then a half-dozen of each for the store.

It was so cool. I had a table out front. I had stacks of books in front of me. This was only the second time I’d seen Grand Designs in the wild–the first happened at work, when I saw a copy on someone’s desk about a week ago. They had signs up, too. “Meet the Author.” I snagged one.

My former boss came by. I got to meet her kids. I’d seen her pregnant, but I’d never seen her sprogs. They were quite cute. 🙂

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a drive. Ah, the allure of the open road. 🙂

Afterwards I went to lunch with Star Trek: Titan fan par excellance Julio Angel Ortiz. I had hot dogs from Harry’s Hot Dogs. Oh, they were so good.

Later I drove out to Lancaster. I wanted to see Amish country again. Then, as I approached Lancaster, I chided myself–why was I driving to Lancaster on a Saturday? Tourists, the outlet shoppers, yadda yadda yadda. The roads were congested. Blech.

I turned south, headed back for home. I went back roads, past the Amish farms. There were horses and buggies out. I waved at some.

I saw an Amish woman, maybe in her late forties, out cutting grass. She was using a weed whacker. I laughed.

There were hot air balloons out over Strasburg. A lot of hot air balloons. Don’t know why. But it was nifty to see them and the way they hung out over the rolling fields.

I had a good day. 🙂

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