Baseball Night in Lancaster

Last night I attended my first baseball game in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When I lived in Chester County twenty years ago, Lancaster didn’t have a baseball team. Harrisburg, Reading, Wilmington — those would have been the closest baseball teams to me, probably in that order. I never attended games at any of them, though I dimlyContinue reading “Baseball Night in Lancaster”

Exploring Cemeteries in Lancaster County

Yesterday afternoon, since it was sunny and nice, I decided to go for a drive into Lancaster County and check out a cemetery. My great-great-great-grandparents are buried at the Millersville Mennonite Church, about twenty-five miles away, which is closer than Diamond’s offices, but I’ve never gone to look for myself. The reason? Lancaster isn’t farContinue reading “Exploring Cemeteries in Lancaster County”

On Halloweens Past

Years ago I lived in Amish country, a little east of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There were some Amish farms on my road, and there were kids in the neighborhood. As Halloween approached, I felt a bit giddy inside — there were kids in the neighborhood! Halloween! Amish kids! Halloween! I’d never really lived anywhere that trick-or-treatingContinue reading “On Halloweens Past”

On Yesterday’s Autographing

Yesterday I was in Exton, Pennsylvania autographing Grand Designs and Constellations. It was the first autographing I’d done outside of Shore Leave, so I was quite excited. I wasn’t expecting any sort of major turnout. Yes, I’d announced it here and on message boards, but that’s not going to translate into people. At worst, I’dContinue reading “On Yesterday’s Autographing”

On a School Shooting

Until about four years ago I lived in Pennsylvania’s Amish country. It’s a beautiful area, though sometimes the smell of cow manure can be overpowering. But if you could put the stench aside lazy afternoon drives through the back roads of Lancaster county were amazing. Amish farmhouses have a distinct look to them, their fieldsContinue reading “On a School Shooting”