On New Avatars

Look for Allyn Gibson around the ‘net, and chances are there’s a little South Park Allyn attached to the posting. Which is fine, but I’ve been using some variant on that venerable icon for a number of years. I needed a new look.

I’d branched out maybe a year ago; I started using my name, written using Tolkien’s Tengwar writing system, as my personal icon on the Psi Phi bulletin board.

I’ve decided to use a variant of that on TrekBBS. I can’t post the actual image here, however — it’s a transparent .gif, and you wouldn’t actually see anything. Suffice it to say, it looks nice on the blue background TrekBBS uses, and I’m happy with it. I think it may confuse people, but it’s me. 🙂

On the SimonSays bulletin board I’ve changed over to a nifty image of the fourth Doctor, as Charles Schulz might have rendered him. That image comes from here — I really quite like it.

And on LiveJournal, I’ve been using Doctor Pooh for comments. I discovered an unfinished fanfic story of Doctor Pooh — unrelated to Peter David’s “The TARDIS at Pooh Corner” — online a few years ago, and it featured an image of the E.H. Sheppard Pooh dressed in a jacket reminiscent of that worn by the first Doctor. I snagged the image because I liked it, and I’ve never seen the story again, and I can’t really credit the art to anyone.

And there’s an oddball one I sometimes use on LiveJournal as well. It’s my name. As if through a fisheye lens. I think of it, though, as more of the Eye of Allyn, staring out from my fortress in the heart of Mordor. The One Ring not included, of course.

That’s the round-up of my current icon usage around the ‘Net-iverse.

Completely pointless information, right? 😉

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