On Ruining Halloween


It’s a day when children (and some adults) dress up, go around, and get candy and other treats. (I had gummies and comic books to give away. I had no kids come by, however. Means more gummies and comics for me!)

It’s a fun holiday.

It’s certainly not an occasion for political grandstanding.

Unless you’re Shirley Nagel of Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.

If children came to her house and their parents were planning on voting for Barack Obama on Tuesday, she turned them away. No candy for the children of Obama supporters from Ms. Nagel.

Her reason? Obama is “scary.” And “everybody has a choice.”

So, Ms. Nagel turned a holiday that is about harmless fun into a reason to punish children for their parents’ political choices.

She put her fear of Obama ahead of being a productive member of her community.

Children approaching her house last night “were turned away empty-handed and crying” according to the article.

Shirley Nagel, you’re a pathetic human being. Shirley Nagel, you’re scum, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Have a bag of rocks, you hateful woman.

A shout-out to De for bringing this appalling story to my attention.

ETA (11-2-08): And here’s a local television news report on Ms. Nagel’s Halloween grandstanding.

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4 thoughts on “On Ruining Halloween

  1. Holy… well, that’s awfully mature of her. Let’s punish children for their parents’ decisions. Next, we can start taking the debt Bush wracked up out of her checking account…

  2. Smiling Monocle Guy, I was wondering which of my recent rants of righteous indignation would strike your fancy. Shirley Nagel or Liddy Dole? Were I a betting man, I’d have laid better odds on the sitting Senator. 😉

  3. Somebody call the Care Bears (if they ever existed) – they need to get their bear bottoms down to that part of Earth and perform a Care Bear Stare on her!

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