On Friday’s Quick Hits

It’s windy. Massively windy. Winds called up from the underworld, winds that howl and shake and make buildings groan and trees crack.


I’ve not slept for two nights because the wind. It howls around the house, like a high-pitched roar. Small objects clatter outside. The wind goes on.

I’d love to go outside and loft a kite, but there’s no string that would withstand this wind. None.

Opera released a new Opera 10 Alpha yesterday. Yay!

Opera 10 and the Ibis skin? Epic Win.

WordPress released a bug-fix version, 2.7.1 earlier this week. Maybe it was Tuesday, maybe it was Wednesday. At this point, after two nights of wind-induced insomnia, I couldn’t tell you.

I can’t tell what’s different. I don’t know what bugs are fixed.

I have, however, located a bug. 🙂

Without getting needlessly technical, WordPress has a feature called “Post Revisions.” Every time you edit a post, WordPress duplicates it so you can “revert” your changes, much like Wikipedia does.

For me, it’s a useless feature. If I’m editing a post, it’s because I’m fixing a spelling error or I’ve munged up a URL. I have no need to “roll back” a post. Otherwise, I’m just filling my SQL database with useless junk.

Thanks to some Googling, I learned how to disable Post Revisions. And in WordPress 2.6, that worked.

WordPress 2.7 updated a feature called “Press It.” You can drag this link to your Opera or Firefox toolbar, and when you click it you get a pop-up WordPress composition window. Which is perfect for quick and dirty blog posting, and I’ve made copious use of it.

However, Press It does not respect your Post Revisions state. If you’ve made the update to your wp-config.php file to disable Post Revisions, Press It’s autosaves clutter up your WordPress database table.

Suffice it to say, I’m unhappy about this.

Anyone reading Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade? I think it’s cute. It’s definitely screwball in its own way.

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2 thoughts on “On Friday’s Quick Hits

  1. Wind is crazy here, too. I think our “Look-out-the-wind-is-trying-to-kill-you!” weather alert has ended, and today looks much more tame than the last few have been, but it was getting ugly for a while there.

    Look out for tree branches and anorexics being turned into dangerous missiles by the wind. I encountered both on my walk to the bank yesterday.

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