On Opera and E-Mail Consternation

When it comes to the Internet, there’s only one browser for me. Opera. Yes, there are other, more popular options. Firefox. Chrome. Safari. Even Internet Explorer. But it’s Opera that I like. It works for me. It’s fast and it’s slick and it’s a power user’s browser. For the longest time, I was using OperaContinue reading “On Opera and E-Mail Consternation”

On the Beatles and “Last Christmas”

People confuse me. Take, for example, some recent search phrases used to reach my website. “Did the Beatles record Last Christmas?” I’ve seen this in the WordPress stats several times in the past week. First of all, no, the Beatles did not record “Last Christmas.” The song wasn’t even written until 1984, when it wasContinue reading “On the Beatles and “Last Christmas””

On Friday’s Quick Hits

It’s windy. Massively windy. Winds called up from the underworld, winds that howl and shake and make buildings groan and trees crack. Windy. I’ve not slept for two nights because the wind. It howls around the house, like a high-pitched roar. Small objects clatter outside. The wind goes on. I’d love to go outside andContinue reading “On Friday’s Quick Hits”

On Tricking Out Opera

Yes, I know. I’m an evangelist for Opera. I can’t help it. For this atheist, the Opera browser is the closest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever found. 😆 Gah, that sounded bonkers. Seriously, though. It’s not just my favorite browser. I simply couldn’t imagine using the Internet without it. Firefox, IE, Safari –Continue reading “On Tricking Out Opera”

On the Day After Thanksgiving

If you are Black Friday shopping, do be careful. 🙂 I’ve had to disable the “Let It Snow” plugin for the blog. That plug-in created gently falling snow. It was pretty. It was hypnotic. It also caused problems for people browsing with Internet Explorer. (And really, if you’re using IE, why don’t you upgrade toContinue reading “On the Day After Thanksgiving”