On Godhood and Other Random Hits

I am no mere Excel guru.

I am an Excel god.

Look upon ye mighty spreadsheet in despair!

‘Tis nobler to reign in Excel than serve in heaven!


I had a project dropped in my lap today. A project that should have been done weeks ago. A project that involved taking a very large spreadsheet, turning into into a Word document, and laying a lot of formatting tags.

I had to think the problem through. I spent a good forty minutes figuring out how to get from where I was — a 17 thousand line spreadsheet — to where I needed to be.

I couldn’t sprint, but neither was I limited to a crawl.

Serious surgery was performed.

Then I had a document I could muck around with in Word.

It wasn’t pretty. The hardest part is putting URLs into the document; my Excel skills were of no use to me there, as I had to find the URLs separately.

It’s still not done. It needs — hopefully — another three hours worth of work in the morning. Max of three hours; three hours is all I can devote to it. That’s just how it has to be.

I’ve been listening to a somewhat surprising song recently.

Travis’ cover of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby (One More Time).” Yes, the Glaswegian Britpop four-piece, covering the Brit-Brit as an acoustic number. It’s strangely haunting.

What is it with me and Scottish bands, anyway?

I love lemon Ricola.

As much as I’ve enjoyed using Opera‘s built-in e-mail client (I think it’s called M2, but I’m not certain), I’ve decided that its use is an experiment whose time has passed for me.

Two major problems I have with it.

One, I haven’t figured out any way of importing e-mail and addresses from The Bat.

Two, M2 won’t let me put e-mail into my Sent folder, unless I sent it through M2. Let’s say that I’ve made a comment in response to someone on my blog. I receive that comment as an e-mail. And The Bat lets me put that into my Sent Items folder. Opera won’t let me do that. For the way I organize things, that’s a deal-breaker.

The thing is, I love the way Opera’s mail client arranges things. Newsgroups, RSS feeds, and e-mail all share a look-and-feel. I love the way that it creates virtual folders based on whom I write to and receive e-mail from. I love how it handles mailing lists.

But I have so much invested in The Bat that I can’t move permanently. Sorry, Opera. I love you, Opera. You and me, we’ve done so much together. But this is one thing you can’t help me with. We’ll still browse the web together, Opera. We’ll still read RSS feeds together, Opera. But I have to go elsewhere for my e-mail, as much as it pains me. I’m sorry.

I love being literal.

It messes with people’s heads. 😉

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