On Writing Macro Code For Work

Last week the publications at work went to press. I’ve always referred to this week as “Hell Week,” though for the most part it’s really not that bad. Maybe I have to stay late on Wednesday, but that’s not such a bad thing; I unplug the headphones on the computer speakers, crank up the subwoofer,Continue reading “On Writing Macro Code For Work”

On Things Accomplished

I stopped at Big Lots last night. There was no particular reason, I just hadn’t been to Big Lots in a while. Ultimately, I bought a DVD — La Femme Musketeer, which was a made-for-television sequel to The Three Musketeers, centered on the daughter of d’Artagnan. (d’Artagnan is played by Michael York, reprising his roleContinue reading “On Things Accomplished”

On the Two-Week Round-Up

I think a biweekly recap makes more sense than a weekly recap. At least, until I change my mind again. 😆 Let’s step back two weeks, to the day before St. Patrick’s Day. There, I mused on The Return of the King, which I watched the night previous. Specifically, I talked about the original endingContinue reading “On the Two-Week Round-Up”