On Writing Macro Code For Work

Last week the publications at work went to press. I’ve always referred to this week as “Hell Week,” though for the most part it’s really not that bad. Maybe I have to stay late on Wednesday, but that’s not such a bad thing; I unplug the headphones on the computer speakers, crank up the subwoofer,Continue reading “On Writing Macro Code For Work”

On Macro Naming Conventions

Let’s suppose you needed a macro for Microsoft Word that went through a document, found everything that was colored red, and turned it black. What would you name such a macro? A sensible person might called it “RedToBlack.” A less sensible, more poetic soul might call it “PaintItBlack.” Said less sensible, more poetic soul mightContinue reading “On Macro Naming Conventions”

On the Need for Hobbies

Being the hot, miserable day that it is, I worked on a Word macro coding project for work I’d started (and finished–or at least got something that runs) last week, to clean up the code, strip out some redundancies, and replace a brute-force search-and-replace with a much cleaner looped search-and-replace. And then, I turned myContinue reading “On the Need for Hobbies”