On Macro Naming Conventions

Let’s suppose you needed a macro for Microsoft Word that went through a document, found everything that was colored red, and turned it black. What would you name such a macro? A sensible person might called it “RedToBlack.” A less sensible, more poetic soul might call it “PaintItBlack.” Said less sensible, more poetic soul mightContinue reading “On Macro Naming Conventions”

On the Lack of Updates

Updates this past week have been sparse. Frankly. I’ve not been in the mood, hasn’t been a priority. Such is life. That’s not to say things haven’t happened this past week. They have. I’ve been tired. I’ve felt weary. My bones ached. I’ve been frustrated. One, on its own, might not have been much. AddContinue reading “On the Lack of Updates”