On the Fifth of November

Remember, remember The fifth of November I can say that with a halfway decent Hugo Weaving voice, to which I usually append “Frodo Baggins.” But that’s just because I’m silly. 😉 From this day forward, the fifth of November will be remembered for two reasons. It will be remembered for Guy Fawkes and the GunpowderContinue reading “On the Fifth of November”

On Defending V For Vendetta

Last night, browsing one of the bulletin boards I frequent, I chanced across a thread blasting V For Vendetta, the adaptation of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s graphic novel about an anarchist fighting a near-future fascist British government, for being, and I quote, “boring.” Said the writer of the post: If this was supposed toContinue reading “On Defending V For Vendetta”

On the Lack of Updates

Updates this past week have been sparse. Frankly. I’ve not been in the mood, hasn’t been a priority. Such is life. That’s not to say things haven’t happened this past week. They have. I’ve been tired. I’ve felt weary. My bones ached. I’ve been frustrated. One, on its own, might not have been much. AddContinue reading “On the Lack of Updates”