On the Two-Week Round-Up

I think a biweekly recap makes more sense than a weekly recap. At least, until I change my mind again. 😆 Let’s step back two weeks, to the day before St. Patrick’s Day. There, I mused on The Return of the King, which I watched the night previous. Specifically, I talked about the original endingContinue reading “On the Two-Week Round-Up”

On the Tibetan Protests

In a TrekBBS thread on Arthur C. Clarke, I wrote the following: Someday. I loved the film [of 2010], even if it cut out my favorite sequence in the book — the Tsien on Europa. That’s something I loved about Clarke’s work. His near-future science fiction had a cosmopolitan feel to it. That the UnitedContinue reading “On the Tibetan Protests”