On the Ratification of an Arms Control Treaty

A long-time friend, though I hesitate to use the world since he went off the deep-end into wingnut batshittery, railed on Facebook today against the ratification by the United States Senate of the New START Treaty, an arms control treaty between the United States and Russia that continues the Reagan-era doctrine of “Trust, but verify”Continue reading “On the Ratification of an Arms Control Treaty”

On the Tibetan Protests

In a TrekBBS thread on Arthur C. Clarke, I wrote the following: Someday. I loved the film [of 2010], even if it cut out my favorite sequence in the book — the Tsien on Europa. That’s something I loved about Clarke’s work. His near-future science fiction had a cosmopolitan feel to it. That the UnitedContinue reading “On the Tibetan Protests”