Link Round-Up: December 14

I am inaugurating a new blog feature — a mostly-daily link round-up of things I read and found interesting. It’s primarily as much for my benefit as it is yours, the reader’s. I see something, I have thoughts, and then I forget about it or, worse, post a Tweet with the link and then neverContinue reading “Link Round-Up: December 14”

On Wal-Mart, Politics, and Corporate Lobbying

On NPR this morning there was a story about Wal-Mart. The company had, according to the report, asked its store managers to vote Republican this November. The reason? Unionization. Legislation is pending in Congress that would make it easier for workers to unionize. The NPR report indicated that this was a Democratic-backed initiative, and electingContinue reading “On Wal-Mart, Politics, and Corporate Lobbying”

On the Tibetan Protests

In a TrekBBS thread on Arthur C. Clarke, I wrote the following: Someday. I loved the film [of 2010], even if it cut out my favorite sequence in the book — the Tsien on Europa. That’s something I loved about Clarke’s work. His near-future science fiction had a cosmopolitan feel to it. That the UnitedContinue reading “On the Tibetan Protests”

On the Month-End Round-Up

Things I’ve discovered. I have a lot of readers in Indiana. This surprises me, as I’ve only ever driven through Indiana, yet I have more regular readers in Indiana than I do in, say, Utah. Other popular tourist destinations for are Florida, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Norway. Also, China and Saudi Arabia. No, thisContinue reading “On the Month-End Round-Up”