An Eerie Sunset

It’s mid-September, and this week has really started to feel like autumn. There’s a chill dampness in the morning, and the nights feel downright cold. I had to throw extra blankets on the bed last night, and I worked part of the day at home while wearing a hoodie. The weird thing is the sky.Continue reading “An Eerie Sunset”

Indiana Jones and the Hills of White Elephants

This afternoon novelist Una McCormack retweeted a link to a McSweeney’s Internet Tendency piece by Rachel Klein titled Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” from “The Girl”‘s Point of View. I don’t read McSweeney’s as often as I feel that I should, so I was glad that I read this. Ernest Hemingway’s short story “Hills LikeContinue reading “Indiana Jones and the Hills of White Elephants”

Revisiting the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

With Disney’s recent announcement that the fifth Indiana Jones film is due out in July 2020, I decided I should revisit the last Indiana Jones film, 2008’s The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Crystal Skull has a reputation of being a bad film — an over-reliance on CGI effects, a nonsensical story, “nuking the fridge,”Continue reading “Revisiting the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

On Random Big Lots Musings

I have just learned that today is International Talk Like William Shatner Day. :spock: Maurice LaMarche, for anyone who doesn’t know, is the voice of The Brain, from Pinky & The Brain & Larry. And I actually had no idea, until just now, what Maurice LaMarche looked like. Not what I wanted to write aboutContinue reading “On Random Big Lots Musings”

On New LEGO Games

Let’s be upfront, here. I love LEGO. 🙂 I also love the LEGO video games. Though I haven’t played LEGO Batman, so I don’t know if that’s good or if it’s crap. That’s okay, though. It looks like Travelers Tales, the development studio behind such hits as LEGO Star Wars, is looking to develop moreContinue reading “On New LEGO Games”

On Things I’ve Been Reading

Well, okay, one thing. I’ve gotten behind on my comic book reading. You’d think, those little twenty-odd page pamphlets would be a breeze to just sit down, kick back, and go. Life doesn’t always happen like that, though. However, I did just pick up something, and I read it on the light rail this evening.Continue reading “On Things I’ve Been Reading”

On The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It’s hard to believe it’s been nineteen years since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Nineteen! Years! I was a junior in high school. The summer hadn’t started yet. And opening weekend, I went to see it with my younger brother at the movie theater in Bridgeport, West Virginia. A few weeks later, with someContinue reading “On The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

On Thinking About Summer Movies

I mentioned a few days ago the comic book films I was looking forward to this summer. To recap, from top to bottom: The Dark Knight Hellboy II: The Golden Army Iron Man The Incredible Hulk It’s a bit of a misnomer, actually, to suggest that I’m looking forward to The Incredible Hulk. I’m quiteContinue reading “On Thinking About Summer Movies”