I am inaugurating a new blog feature — a mostly-daily link round-up of things I read and found interesting.

It’s primarily as much for my benefit as it is yours, the reader’s. I see something, I have thoughts, and then I forget about it or, worse, post a Tweet with the link and then never think about it again. The thing is, I’ll think six months later, “Hey, wait, I read some article way back when,” only then I can’t remember quite exactly what it was.

These link round-ups will be eclectic because I have eclectic interests. This one covers Robert Plant, China, and Christmas songs.

Some days I might have two or three links. Some days I might have ten or more. It’s a matter of what interests me that day.

I’m using a WordPress plugin for this. It’s one I’ve had for a while, as I liked the concept of it, but I’ve never used. I suspect it may need some coding work; it was released a few years ago, then abandoned, and I’ve noticed that something about it doesn’t quite work. That’s something I’ll need to look at.

For our inaugural round-up…

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