On Tricking Out Opera

Yes, I know. I’m an evangelist for Opera. I can’t help it. For this atheist, the Opera browser is the closest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever found. 😆 Gah, that sounded bonkers. Seriously, though. It’s not just my favorite browser. I simply couldn’t imagine using the Internet without it. Firefox, IE, Safari –Continue reading “On Tricking Out Opera”

On the Browsing Experience

Say it ain’t so, Joe! Mr. Stephen Fry is a Firefox user. A Firefox user! :sick: Fry writes, “I have many friends who can, so to speak, drive around the web, but who have never thought much about the software vehicle taking them through the traffic.” And he goes on: “IE is pants, pure andContinue reading “On the Browsing Experience”

On Spam and Ham

Years ago I made the switch to non-Microsoft products for web browsing and e-mail. Though I liked Internet Explorer back in the early days and thought Outlook (and Outlook Express) were nifty little programs, reports of their security failings prompted me to look elsewhere for my Internet needs. The choice of Opera as a webContinue reading “On Spam and Ham”