On WordPress Tinkering

Occasionally I’m asked why I use WordPress. And specifically, the self-hosted version. “There are other free blogging services — LiveJournal, WordPress.com, Blogger. You don’t even need to pay for hosting. They do it all for you, for free.” Those are good points. And who knows? Maybe if I’d made a different decision nearly six yearsContinue reading “On WordPress Tinkering”

On Goofing Off With a New Toy

Since I was out with a nasty and virulent cough today, I spent the day huddled in bed, watching The Tudors. And napping.  Because you know what?  Naps are good things. I also discovered that AOL gave Netscape a brief reprieve.  It was to have passed into the great beyond at the end of January. Continue reading “On Goofing Off With a New Toy”

On the Browsing Experience

Say it ain’t so, Joe! Mr. Stephen Fry is a Firefox user. A Firefox user! :sick: Fry writes, “I have many friends who can, so to speak, drive around the web, but who have never thought much about the software vehicle taking them through the traffic.” And he goes on: “IE is pants, pure andContinue reading “On the Browsing Experience”