Disliking Facebook’s New Likes

Today, Facebook redesigned the Like button, replacing it with six different emoji: I don’t like things on Facebook. At least, not intentionally. It’s possible, on my phone, that I’ve clicked “Like” on something in the last eighteen months or so. Why don’t I “like” things people post? Because, like a friend put it, “the like … Continue reading Disliking Facebook’s New Likes

Syrian Refugees, Meme Wars, and Ethical Imperatives

I tried to steer clear of the Meme Wars over Syrian refugees on Facebook last week. I saw things on both sides that irritated me; from friends on the right I saw things that were occasionally racist, and from friends on the left I saw things that mocked both religion and culture. I learned a … Continue reading Syrian Refugees, Meme Wars, and Ethical Imperatives

On the State of Blogging

I’ve been thinking recently about blogging. Not my blogging, but blogging in general. I’ve noticed, from completely unscientific personal observations, that blogging is on the decline. Eight years ago, when I started up this website, it seemed like the rage. A journal… online! There was no reason I couldn’t have done that before; software (namely … Continue reading On the State of Blogging