Yesterday we had another winter storm in Pennsylvania.  I think it was the fifteenth or sixteenth just since Christmas.

I exaggerate.  But that’s how it feels.  Snow on snow.  Like from the song, “In the Bleak Midwinter.”

Yesterday’s storm was another Polar Vortex, and unlike the first, which was merely bonechillingly cold, this one brought with it eight inches of snow.  It will stay cold, and then another Polar Vortex and more snow is due on Sunday or Monday.

Insanity.  I’ll lose my grip on reality at this rate.  This is depressing and soul-crushing.

I need spring.  I need green.  I need baseball.

Fuck winter.  Burn it until it’s dead.

This “snow on snow” needs to stop.  It needs to stop right now.

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