Dinner Time Disappointments

Ever see a recipe online that you think looks good, but when you make it for dinner it’s really quite disappointing?

Yeah, that was me, last night.

I won’t go into the gruesome details of what it was, but here are the essential facts…

Facebook shows people pages their friends have liked on the chance that you might like it, too. Friday afternoon it showed me a recipe from a site that several friends had liked (the site, not the recipe), and the picture looked quite appealing. It was a regional pasta dish I’d never heard of, but there are lots of things I’ve never heard of. “I’ll give this a shot!” I said, printing off the recipe.

The grocery list was fairly simple, and during A Prairie Home Companion I went to work. It was straightforward. Saute this, brown that, dump in a jar of tomato sauce, put in a baking dish.

It didn’t occur to me that the recipe called for no seasoning whatsoever. If I had realized, I would almost certainly have used some, because when I took the dish out of the oven it was bland and lacking in flavor. The judges on Chopped would chop this without remorse.

Putting some parmesan on top helped.

Of course, now I have seven cintainers of this in my refrigerator, so I’m set on dinners for the rest of the week.


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