A piece of WordPress coding that I thought would take about fifteen minutes ended up taking close to an hour and a half.

I switched my blog theme recently from Twenty Seventeen (well, a child theme of it) to Shoreditch (again, a child theme of it, albeit one that I worked on in a flurry of activity in May 2016 and then didn’t touch again). Shoreditch has a featured posts slider, and I was curious about it.

Well, I can’t get it to work the way it’s supposed to — it’s supposed to pull six posts with a specific tag, but for some reason it’s pulling my six most recent posts — but that’s a problem I will dig into.

The vexing thing, for me, was that for a slider, it didn’t slide. If you want to see the six most recent posts, you have to click on tiny buttons beneath the slider to go through them. I did some digging into the Shoreditch code, and I found what was controlling that, a js file that the parent theme loads.

That’s editable, I thought, into what I want. But since it’s bad form to edit the parent theme’s files — potential future upgrades would wipe out any changes I made — I knew I had to code a similar js file for my child theme, then “unload” (either by deregistration or denqueueing) the parent theme’s js.

I thought this would take about fifteen minutes. How hard could it be?

Well, it turned into an hour and a half of trial-and-error. What happens if I deregister this script? The slider, for some reason, won’t load. What if I denqueue that? Now the page has a fatal error. What if I remove this action (ie., tell WordPress not to bother with the function that loaded the scripts in the first place)? Nothing.

I had to experiment with various permutations of denqueue and deregister and even load priorities, and finally I found a combination that worked.

So, for all that effort, the slider slides. It’s not showing the content I want it to show, but there’s a slider, and it’s sliding.

The content I want? That’s a problem to solve another day. The easiest solution there will probably be to write a loop with the same output format and avoid the Jetpack issue altogether.

I don’t even remember why I gave up on Shoreditch two years ago.

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