We had our first snowfall of the year in Pennsylvania today.

It started off with a wintry mix…

Wintry mix, early morning

…before changing over to all snow noon-ish…

Heavier snow

…but accumulation was nil. It was just a hair too warm, the ground was wet, and the result was a sloppy slushy mess.

It stopped about three, and by 4:30 the skies had pretty much cleared off…

Late afternoon

…at least until Wednesday morning, when a storm system comes in that’s forecast to dump six to ten inches by the time it’s all done.

Tomorrow, then, I’ll head out to the grocery store. I need milk anyway. I’ll probably do laundry tomorrow, too. I was going to do the laundry today, but I didn’t want to go out in that slop.

The nice thing about working from home, as I have since March, is that I don’t need to worry about slushy and snow-covered roads either going to work or coming home. I can work and be safe and that’s a nice thing. I’ll take that.

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