There’s a fundamental law to building with LEGO, especially if you’re making something original, not building to blueprints.

A LEGO creation isn’t right until it’s right.

It may take some tinkering at the edges. It may require a teardown and rebuild. It may have to sit six weeks or six months.

But it’s not right until it’s right.

Last month I built a LEGO tower at the office for my web camera. And it was fine!

Yet, every time I went to the office in the month since, I felt the need to tinker.

It didn’t look unified enough.

I didn’t feel the structure was engineeringically sound.

It was insufficiency chaotic.

So I tinkered.

I keep a container of bricks at the office for exactly this eventuality. I tried this, and I tried that. I built some things. I took them apart. I left some unfinished structures in the container.

This afternoon, in a spare half-hour, I assembled stuff.

That’s colorful! That’s chaotic! That’s structurally sound!

This is so crazy it just might work!

This will do nicely!

I anticipate no more significant tinkering… unless I come into work one morning and it’s a shattered wreck of a hundred pieces.

Unless I can integrate my LEGO business card holder into this…


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