The Daily Cloud: September 3

When COVID shut down the world eighteen months ago, I began a little project. “Began” makes it sound like it was planned, but it was really just something I stumbled into.

I took pictures of clouds.

It wasn’t a daily thing, but it was certainly a semi-regular thing. A couple of times a week.

Then it fell off in the last six months. Work has a lot to do with that.

With the office reopening next week, I’ll post occasional cloud pictures… beginning with one from the office, since I had to go into today to work on the UK order form.

Looking toward Hunt Valley, Maryland, some low cumulus clouds hang in the sky two days after the remnants of Hurricane Ida
Hunt Valley, MD — September 3, 2021

I was looking a bit feral — my last haircut was in January 2020, after I knew of COVID, before the world shut down — so I got it taken care of this afternoon.

In my office at Diamond

Earlier in the summer, I bought a t-shirt featuring a Greg Capullo image of Cable. I’d have bought and worn this t-shirt in 1994, so that I bought and am wearing it twenty-seven years later says something about how little my tastes have changed.

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