The Two Cell Towers in My Back Yard

The week of Labor Day, there was an industrial ruckus in my neighborhood. It was loud in my “office,” it was even louder outside. I had no idea what they were doing, but it sounded something like a hole was being drilled to the center of the Earth.

It wasn’t until I came home from Virginia last Sunday that I was able to see what the ruckus had been all about.

Driving down Oak Road, there was a new metal tower next to the water tower behind my complex.

A few days later, the tower was topped by electronic equipment, and then I noticed there was not one tower but two.

The tower to the east is the larger and more substantial.

Obviously, it is Barad-dur.

To the east, Isengard.

Release the river!

Seriously, though, I’m reminded more of The War of the Worlds. With the water tower, it looks like a Martian war party, and I half expect the black smoke, the heat ray, and the red weed at any moment.


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