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Slate.com posted an article today on Revelations, a Star Wars fan film.

I’ve not seen the film–the pity of a dial-up connection–but I’ve seen a few Star Wars fan films. The classic Troops I have on DVD.

The article’s idea is that with Lucas finishing what he wanted to say in the Star Wars universe that perhaps it’s time to give fans free rein. “Fans may be pointy-headed and obsessed with useless trivia, but they have excellent bullshit detectors,” writes Clive Thompson. Films by fans, for fans. Ewoks need not apply.

I see Thompson’s point. Fandom kept Star Trek alive in the 70s. Fandom kept Doctor Who alive in 90s. Fandom can keep the Star Wars flames burning. Maybe fandom can even make people forget Jake Lloyd and Jar-Jar Binks.

Okay, maybe forgetting Jar-Jar will require mass-lobotomies. We shouldn’t get too enthused over that prospect.

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3 thoughts on “On Fan Films

  1. Films by fans, for fans. Ewoks need not apply.

    Ewoks can be done right, if used sparingly. And no, I don’t mean as part of a meal. Aaron Allston’s Wraith Squadron/Iron Fist/Solo Command trilogy did just fine with Ewok references/character(s); I suspect that Troy Denning’s upcoming The Joiner King will be able to do the same.

    Or maybe I just don’t have the blinding hatred for them or the Gungans that most fans do–likely, seeing as how TPM is my favorite movie. 😉

  2. Interestingly, I just dled Revelations last week..haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, though.

  3. So I read the article finaly…it was good, but it seemed like every so often the writer wanted to distance himself from the subject and take swipes at the very people he’s praising.

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