On Thoughts Towards Christmas Gifts

Ah, Christmas. The time of year when people give other people — friends, loved ones, family, even complete strangers — gifts large and gifts small. When I worked retail, I heard it said that if Christmas, as a shopping/buying tradition, didn’t exist, marketers would have invented it. Like Valentine’s Day. ;)

I stopped asking for things for Christmas a long time ago. I’ll occasionally have an item or two in mind that I might possibly like, but I don’t absolutely need it. Honestly, I think I have enough stuff, and I can’t imagine someone going out and buying stuff for me just because it’s a societal norm.

No, I’m really and truly not as curmudgeonly as that sounds. I buy stuff for family and friends for Christmas. I even have a Christmas Eve wrapping tradition, an annual viewing of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. So I do do Christmas. :)

But is there anything this year that I want? Hmm…

I added some items recently to my Amazon wish list.

And when I was at Target today (which is a story for another time), I saw some nice LEGO sets (I’m taken by the LEGO Kingdom: Prison Tower Rescue set). There were also sets of four Beatles glasses for twenty dollars that were very nice; I preferred the glass set of the album covers, but the glass set of the individual Beatles was quite nice, too.

But I’m not asking for any of these things, honest.

They’re just stuff. I don’t need more stuff.

Really and truly.

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