On Completing LEGO Star Wars

On April 6, 2005, I bought LEGO Star Wars for the Xbox. (I also blogged about the death of Pope John Paul II and Tartan Day).

Today, September 9, 2011, I finished LEGO Star Wars 100%. I built all seventeen minikit starship models. I scored True Jedi on all seventeen levels and built the Tantive IV, which unlocked the level based on the original Star Wars. (It tells the story of the film’s opening scene from Darth Vader’s perspective. Kinda neat.)

The game is done.

Two thousand, three hundred, forty-eight days.

Playing through the game in the last week, I remembered why I didn’t complete every level 100% originally back in 2005 — the game is sodding difficult in places. Take the “Defense of Kashyyyk” level, for instance; not only is acquiring all ten minikits almost impossible (you have to be downright lucky for two of them), but death happens so often on the beach that collecting all the studs is extremely unlikely. (It was only the fact that I bought the Invincibility extra that I was able to score True Jedi on that level.)

Now that I’ve completed the game and unlocked everything, I feel like replaying some of the chapters in Story Mode, especially the final chapter, just so I can re-experience the slapstick humor of Darth Vader’s creation. (Seriously. When I saw Revenge of the Sith, I’d completed each chapter of the game, so I knew, at least in LEGO terms, how Darth Vader’s creation was handled. Thus I found it ridiculously hilarious when I saw it on-screen, and I laughed hysterically in the theater. I realize it’s hip to hate on Sith, but let’s be frank — it’s a dull, anti-climactic film that does nothing unexpected and does what it does do in the least interesting way possible.)

Will I finish LEGO Star Wars II in less than two thousand, three hundred, and forty-eight days? I might be able to finish it to 100% completion by Valentine’s Day 2013. Maybe… possibly…

What about LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars? Well, I haven’t been impressed with it enough to want to return to it…

That said, I hold out hope for a LEGO Star Wars IV: The Expanded Universe. I want LEGO Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic chapters, LEGO Star Wars: The Force Unleashed chapters, LEGO Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire chapters, and LEGO Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy chapters. Ooh! LEGO Star Wars: Dark Forces would be good, too. That would be a lot of game, though; maybe The Thrawn Trilogy could be its own game, and it could have LEGO Star Wars: Dark Empire chapters, too.

Yeah, I’m being nerdly in my wish-list there, aren’t I?

What surprises me is that there hasn’t been more done to exploit the LEGO Star Wars brand. I’d love to write an illustrated LEGO Star Wars: The Novel for children. I’m surprised that Dark Horse Comics hasn’t done anything with LEGO Star Wars.

Anyway. LEGO Star Wars. I’ve finished the game. It’s over. It’s done.

Two thousand, three hundred, forty-eight days.

Now, let’s hunt some orc! :h2g2:

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  1. Lego Star Wars sounds great. I’ve only managed to play the Batman Lego video game and I skipped this one, but after your review I might consider playing this.

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