On Anticipating the Next Lord of the Rings Game

For the first time in about five years, I am really excited about a video game. Specifically, Warner’s The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, which is coming out next week.

I used to get excited about video games all the time. I just had to have this or that or the other. I’m struggling with examples — Crimson Skies, definitely; LEGO Star Wars most definitely — but there were many games I just couldn’t wait to get and play.

Then, after I left EB Games, I stopped feeling that way.

But no more. A game has caught my interest, and I cannot wait to play it.

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

What has me so excited? Well, just take a look at these videos

First, the original teaser trailer:

But what about the story? You can’t have Lord of the Rings without some story. Well, this gives you some idea of the basic plot outline for War in the North

Oh, that’s got to hurt, getting your head bitten off by a troll. :-/

Who is this Agandaûr, though? And what does he want with Middle-Earth?

Ooh, Sauron’s top lieutenant, he is. Sent to the Carn Dûm in the northern wastes. Much like Far Harad in the south sent troops to Mordor and the Fields of Pelennor, Agandaûr is assembling an army in the north, to sweep south and crush Gondor in a vice grip.

How all this relates to J.R.R. Tolkien’s story (and Peter Jackson’s films)…

And who are you, the player?

I really hope you get to play at some point as the Great Eagle. That’s pretty bad-ass.

I’m not sure about the trailer’s pseudo-“Requiem for a Tower” music, though.

Seriously, this game looks seriously awesome. And, for a Tolkien-nerd, positively, enjoyably nerdtastic. 🙂

A little bit more than a week. That’s all I have to wait. Just a little bit more than a week. I already have it pre-ordered.

There had better be a strategy guide…

And GameStop had best not sell me a gutted Collector’s Edition. Otherwise, there will be words.

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