On Star Trek/Doctor Who Speculations

Tomorrow, issue #7 of Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 arrives in shops. In about six weeks, the crossover epic will be done. Finito.

Before we get the final issues, here’s how I think the series will shake out. Possible spoilers, naturally.

AT the end of issue #6, the Doctor has gone back to Wolf 359. The reason? The Cybermen have, in a metaphorical way, wiped the boot sector of the Borg Collective’s hard drive. The Borg don’t make regular backups, so the Doctor has to go back in time and make a copy of the boot sector before the Cybermen infected it. That leads him to Wolf 359 and a pristine copy of the Borg operating system — and an encounter with Locutus. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is chasing the Cyberfleet deep into the Delta Quadrant with a special gold weapon that will destroy them.

In issue #7, the Doctor will get the information he needs from the Borg in the past, the Enterprise will catch up with the Cyberfleet, the Borg will be literally rebooted to remove any trace of the Cyber contagion, and the Enterprise will use the gold weapon to destroy the Cybermen. But wait! We will learn that the Borg Conduit lied, and the issue will end with the Borg turning on our heroes.

Then, in issue #8, the Doctor will defeat the Borg, either because of something he did when he rebooted the Borg or by using the green device from all the way back in the first issue. However, the Doctor’s reboot of the Borg did something unexpected — the Doctor is responsible for the creation of the Borg Queen, which didn’t exist prior to the Doctor’s involvement but now, in a timey-wimey way, was always there. With the Borg threat in the present eliminated, the Doctor will ask Picard if he wants to travel on the TARDIS (because that kind of thing happens) but Picard declines even though he’s tempted. The Doctor leaves, and the Enterprise goes to Delta IV to assist in the rebuilding of the planet after the Borg attack.

The end.

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6 thoughts on “On Star Trek/Doctor Who Speculations

  1. It’s possible, I suppose.

    Even with diminished expectations, this comic finds new ways to fail to meet them. After issue #7, I expect an ending that makes the ending to “The Next Doctor” look like a work of genius.

  2. Honestly, I can’t muster the energy to write about it.

    I thought about putting up a review for issue #7, but it would have been, “The best thing I can say about issue #7 is that there’s only one issue left of this embarrassment.”

    There’s only so many times you can write, “Characterization is off, the story is nonsense, the plot is aimless. The potential of the title is being squandered.”

  3. However it ends, I’m going to weigh in on it, though.

    I’m not sure when the final issue will be out, however. Woodward lost his house in Hurricane Sandy, and I don’t know if he was done with his work on the series when the storm hit.

    On the other hand, the database at work says December 5th for issue #8.

    We shall see.

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