On the World Next Door

I was thinking about this last night, and I thought I’d share. 🙂

Larry Niven said in “All the Myriad Ways” that there’s an infinite number of alternate worlds out there. Every decision that happens happens both ways, but we never know because there are universes where the decisions we know went the other way. We can never reach them, they’re lost to us in the multiverse.

For instance, there’s a universe where the phrase “the great gatsby cel shaded” makes sense. (That’s a recent search phrase, by the way.) Not my reason for writing this, though.

There’s an alternate universe out there–an infinite number of them, actually–where the 2005 Doctor Who series starred Hugh Grant as the Doctor and Rachel Weisz as Rose.

And then I’m upset that I don’t live in that world. I’d love to live in that world. Because you just know! The Hugh Grant Doctor and the Rachel Weisz Rose would be shagging all the time. It’d be like the last half of About a Boy, but with a TARDIS and without Marcus! They’d be like bunnies, and it would be awesome!

Oh, god. I’ve become a ‘shipper of some strange stripe. First I start thinking through the implications of Sarah Jane/Jack, now I’m thinking of alt-Doctors and alt-companions. Ah, fuck.

But we don’t live in that world. No Rachel Weisz in Who. She’d be bloody awesome in Who, though. The role I think she’d be ideal for? Bernice Summerfield. She should be Bernice Summerfield if the series ever does an episode with Benny. 🙂

Back to this world. :/

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2 thoughts on “On the World Next Door

  1. Rachel Weisz is a woman of rare and remarkable beauty, but I don’t know if I see her as Benny. Tamsin Greig is a little bit closer to how I picture her — not an obvious knockout beauty, but interesting.

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