The Warner Brothers, and the Warner Sister, Dot

In going through a box of tee-shirts this morning, I found several Animaniacs shirts I had bought a number of years ago and forgotten. Ah, the fickleness of memory. I loved Animaniacs. It was a fantastic show, and in many ways one of the best animated television programs of all time. Certainly, it was amongContinue reading “The Warner Brothers, and the Warner Sister, Dot”

Talking The Practice

I wouldn’t call tonight’s episode of The Practice classic, but it certainly reminded me of why I started with the show and why I kept watching. We had an interesting legal case, defendants who were the underdogs, a legal dilemma, and some intriguing character moments. First, the case itself. Christian Scientists on trial for secondContinue reading “Talking The Practice”

The Friday Five – Highday, 28 Winterfilth

This week’s questions from the Friday Five: 1. How many TVs do you have in your home? Three. 2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week? Maybe three, four hours. Some weeks not at all. In other words, not very much. 3. Do you feel that television is bad for youngContinue reading “The Friday Five – Highday, 28 Winterfilth”

The Birds of Prey Premiere

The first episode of Birds of Prey was interesting. The plot didn’t hang together all that well, and I’m leery of some of the changes made to the characters, settings, etc. I’ve no complaints with Oracle, and I liked the nod toward Earth-2 continuity with Helena Wayne, erm, Kyle, even if the angst she hadContinue reading “The Birds of Prey Premiere”

Thank you, BBC America

At long last, BBC America has returned Jonathan Creek to their programming lineup. Last spring I discovered this quirky mystery series about a magician’s illusionist played by Alan Davies who solved locked room mysteries as a hobby, but BBC America insisted on showing only the first season’s episodes with an occasional episode from the secondContinue reading “Thank you, BBC America”

On The Doctor and the Enterprise, and FOX

I read Jean Airey’s The Doctor and the Enterprise recently. 🙂 The Doctor and the Enterprise (tDatE) is frivolous fun. I’d slot it right after “The Deadly Assassin” and before the Doctor picks up Leela, but there’s a reference to K-9, so perhaps it would be best after Leela and before Romana I, so rightContinue reading “On The Doctor and the Enterprise, and FOX”